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A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw
that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent...John Calvin

Bosch Fawstin - Muhammad Cartoon

Award Winning Bosch Fawstin entry in the Pamela Geller "Draw Muhammad" contest in Garland, Texas

The Princess Bride

Me and Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn, servant of the Most High and author of ' The Harbinger', came to Texas on Sunday, April 14, 2013. He gave a wonderful talk which he ended with a blowing of the Shofar and a blessing given in Hebrew. Afterwards he signed autographs and posed for pictures. (Sorry if this one is a little blurry.)

Video Posted 08/30/2014

The current tax system doesn't work. It's time for a new one.

How does Moses make tea?  Hebrews it.

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Article Posted 9/23/2017

Dystopia is an interesting word for a man-made hell on earth. And Hollywood is giving us an insight into exactly what the political Left has in mind for all of us, whether we like it or not.

Article Posted 9/22/2017

During most of my pastoral ministry, I spurned political involvement. But at my last church, I became increasingly burdened about the moral melt-down occurring in America. I could see its negative impact on every valued institution of our culture.

Video Posted 09/18/2017

I've had it with Left-wing, godless pagans committing slander and making us feel bad about it.

Article Posted 9/16/2017

Whatever happened to good and evil? Evil is often nowadays called good and good is called evil. Matters of moral import didn’t use to be so fuzzy, but today evil is pervasive and 'evildoers' abound in our country.

Article Posted 9/8/2017

Following close on the heels of the devastation brought about by Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast is Hurricane Irma. Currently trekking its way across the Caribbean, Irma is now headed for Florida with the prospect of moving North.

Article Posted 9/4/2017

The new movie, All Saints, inspired by true events, details the struggles of a newly ordained pastor whose first assignment is to close a dying, country church.

Article Posted 9/2/2017

Whatever labor has achieved in this great country of ours, it deserves all the celebration it can get. Even Adam wasn’t allowed to be idle in Eden, but God assigned him work to do, which was to tend the Garden.

Article Posted 9/2/2017

America is in trouble. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. We've turned away from our constitutional foundations, upended all the old ways that worked so well, and worst of all, rejected God from being the God of America.

Article Posted 8/29/2017

29-years ago, a man I greatly admire wrote that we must make our voices heard in order to get rid of abortion. You could say the same thing on dozens of issues, and we Christians have made our voices heard – but what good has it done?

Article Posted 8/26/2017

Following close on the heels of the mayhem in Charlottesville, Virginia, upheavals over statues associated with the Confederacy in North Carolina have taken center-stage. At the crux of this conflict, is the claim that such monuments perpetuate racism. But is it really that simple?

Article Posted 8/19/2017

If the participants in the horrible War Between the States, having watched their comrades fall in battle, and at the end of that great conflict turn to honor and salute each other, how can we dishonor their memory with lesser behavior?

Article Posted 8/12/2017

There has been much ado lately about the solar eclipse expected on August 21st. No eclipse of this kind has occurred in the continental U.S. observable from coast to coast since 1918. It is a big deal and people across the nation are planning to watch it.

Article Posted 8/4/2017

The lamentations of Jeremiah, thousands of years old, are still applicable to people today, as are his dire warnings of death and destruction to those who continue turning their backs on Almighty God.

Article Posted 7/26/2017

When all men speak well of you, it should be a warning sign, a flashing red light that something is dreadfully, terribly wrong.

Article Posted 7/24/2017

Now and then you read or hear something which immediately strikes a chord in you; you read it or hear it and instantly you think, “Ah ha! That's it!” I had that happen to me this weekend on Sunday morning.

Article Posted 7/22/2017

Recently, on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Rev. William Barber, head of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP, indicted a group of evangelical pastors who met in the Oval Office to pray with President Trump. Rev. Barber accused them of a “form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy.”

Article Posted 7/15/2017

I remember when it wasn’t uncommon to hear someone witnessing of their newfound faith, saying, 'I got saved.' It’s an expression you don’t hear much anymore. When was the last time YOU heard a Christian ask an unbeliever, 'Have you been saved?'

Article Posted 7/10/2017

Did you know that God sings? The Bible specifically mentions – once in the Old Testament and twice in the New Testament – that God sings.

Article Posted 7/5/2017

Starbucks appears to be going down fast, thanks to a recent report from a BBC investigation that found fecal matter in 30% of the company’s iced drinks. How could this happen?

Article Posted 7/03/2017

This weekend a pastor I like and admire preached a wonderfully stirring message about America's independence and the part Christianity played in achieving that independence, including how Christianity was the reason for the foundation of many of our ivy league universities such as Harvard and Yale.

Article Posted 6/24/2017

This past Thursday, on June 22, Tropical Storm Cindy was supposed to make landfall and dump a ton of water, inches and inches of rain all over northeast Texas. But instead, we had exactly – wait for it – no rain, nada, zip, zilch, zero, nothing at all.

Article Posted 6/17/2017

It's not always the things we say or do when we know we're being watched by the world, but the ones we do when we think it doesn't matter, that matter most to our children and shape their lives forever.

Article Posted 6/15/2017

The tactics of hate don't allow for negotiation or compromise. There is no middle ground when the other side denies your very humanity and wants to kill you. There can be no understanding or fellowship, between good and evil, light and dark.

Article Posted 6/10/2017

No culture or nation can sin against God with impunity. Moreover, God always judges nations in this life, and not the next one.

Article Posted 6/6/2017

Christians are urged to love even their enemies. The Bible talks about love constantly. But sometimes I think we forget to look at the truth.

Article Posted 6/3/2017

Our nation is every bit as divided, at least philosophically, as it was during the Civil War. Our freedoms are fragile. But the same God who gives grace to the soul is the same God who saves and redeems the nations.

Video Posted 06/02/2017

The Media, our modern day 21st Century, Mafia, wants to kill, steal, and destroy. They are utterly evil to the core, just like their Mafia forebears.

Article Posted 5/31/2017

All sins are sins against God, even when it's a whole country that is sinning. This means the wages of sin applies to countries as well as individuals.

Article Posted 5/26/2017

Each Memorial Day we endeavor to remember that the great heritage of our nation has a price far greater than most can conceive. Since World War I, this day in the month of May calls upon us to honor our heroes – to laud the fallen dead of our wars.

Article Posted 5/26/2017

Can you raise all your own food? Make your own shoes? Sew your own clothes? Build your own car? Refine your own gasoline? Generate your own electricity? If you're anything like me, your answer to most of these is probably 'no.'

Article Posted 5/24/2017

There are supposed to be differences, visible differences, between Christians and all others if we are to be true to our calling and election in Christ. We should be talking and acting in a manner obviously distinct from carnal people of the world who are unsaved and unrepentant.

Video Posted 05/20/2017

Turn off your TV, cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, quit listening to ANYTHING that comes from the so-called 'mainstream media,' our modern day false prophets.

Article Posted 5/20/2017

Preachers who are weak in their faith are some of the greatest traitors to the cause of Christ. Like the Apostle Peter, they don't mean to deny their Lord, but they do it all the time. They just don’t realize how badly they’re caught up in their own weakness.

Article Posted 5/17/2017

America has fallen to a new low when a Fox Network show – Lucifer – is not only produced, but renewed for a second, and possibly a third, season.

Article Posted 5/13/2017

Some Mother's Day thoughts, and others – courtesy of Benjamin Franklin.

Article Posted 5/6/2017

They say liars can number, and numbers can lie. This was never more true than with the numbers from polls and polling. We can’t take such polls too seriously; otherwise, we’ll end up in the looney bin.

Article Posted 4/29/2017

LGBTQ people have the same equal rights as anyone else; bearing a burdensome load of sin, to share in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and be cleansed – set free from sin's power and penalty.

Article Posted 4/29/2017

I give no quarter to alcohol in my personal life. Call me a fool. Call me outdated. Call me narrow minded. See if I give a rip!!!!!

Article Posted 4/22/2017

In regards to Obamacare, the choice Republicans face is to cause a little pain for some people, or a lot of pain for everyone; to cause a little pain for a short time, or a lot of pain for a long time.

Article Posted 4/22/2017

The deterioration of national moral character means inevitable tragedy. When Belshazzar, the Babylonian King, saw the handwriting on the wall, and it was explained to him, he ignored it, with disastrous consequences.

Article Posted 4/22/2017

Transgender nonsense has reached new heights, thanks to liberal education and a public unwilling to be criticized for being politically incorrect. A number of universities, including Brown, Cornell and the University of Wisconsin at Madison now are stocking tampons and pads in men’s rooms.

Article Posted 4/14/2017

Police at the University of Texas at Dallas say they're searching for the person who dumped several copies of “holy scripture,” the Quran, in campus toilets. Really? Sounds to me like it was staged to generate sympathy for Muslims during Easter.

Article Posted 4/14/2017

Few Americans truly understand to what degree our way of life is being challenged. We are threatened by forces from without, but worse still by forces from within. Our greatest problems are intellectual and moral.

Article Posted 4/9/2017

If you've read much on my web site you already know I was given a prophecy by God that America is finished. He recently confirmed it with an unexpected desire He put on my heart while I was praying for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Article Posted 4/05/2017

The North Carolina Tar Heels have won the NCAA championship. The NCAA now announces it will consider the state of North Carolina again for championship events because of the repeal of HB 2, the 'bathroom bill.'

Article Posted 4/2/2017

What Leftists don't realize, and most Christians don't understand either, is that America's whole system of government is based four-square on the Bible. In fact, you can find a condensed version of it in one verse!

Article Posted 4/01/2017

Thursday, the North Carolina General Assembly repealed the controversial HB 2, commonly known as the “bathroom law.” Lawmakers had been under horrendous pressure from Left-leaning influences since its passage more than a year ago.

Article Posted 3/31/2017

There's a new "bathroom bill" on the horizon, this time in the Lone Star State of Texas. Senate Bill 6 (SB 6) easily passed the State Senate, but faces an uphill battle in the House where a couple of Republicans(!) are trying to bury it.

Article Posted 3/29/2017

Liars can number and numbers can lie. A pile of sticks reminded me of this old saying as it applies to the so-called 'theory' of evolution.

Article Posted 3/26/2017

America, and every other country throughout the world in all of history, has been, and is, a theocracy; a form of political ideology driven by a belief in God and/or religion.

Article Posted 3/25/2017

This week, the NCAA ratcheted up the pressure on North Carolina lawmakers to repeal HB 2, "the bathroom law." The collegiate sports group has laid down a clear ultimatum – repeal quickly or forfeit championship events being located in the Tar Heel state through 2022.

Article Posted 3/24/2017

One of the most famous stories in the Bible is the one about the Pharisees sending men to Jesus to try to trap Him with His words, and asking Him if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. But do you really understand His answer? It's actually pretty cool.

Article Posted 3/18/2017

What's the difference between a disorderly gathering in the Bible and a riot on American streets today? Anyone? Anyone?

Article Posted 3/18/2017

After a 'bathroom bill' in North Carolina was passed, now a similiar one is being debated in Texas as well. And sinners pretending to be holy are blaspheming against the Holy Spirit in a demonic attempt to stop it.

Article Posted 3/17/2017

Literature, from books to poems to famous plays has given us numerous metaphors we can put to good use. The Phantom of the Opera is one such metaphor.

Article Posted 3/11/2017

What's happening to the Church? Recently over 1800 religious leaders signed an amicus brief for a case before the Supreme Court, a brief supporting a transgender student's lawsuit against a school district.

Article Posted 3/8/2017

The Book of Numbers is boring and exciting. In much the same way, the Book of Ecclesiastes is depressing and promising in ways King Solomon never understood.

Article Posted 3/7/2017

Different books of the Bible have acquired different reputations over the years and centuries, some deserved, some not so much. One that doesn't deserve it's reputation is the Book of Numbers.

Article Posted 3/5/2017

Disney interjects homosexuality into Beauty and the Beast movie amid growing controversy.

Article Posted 3/4/2017

The danger is that many Christian leaders appear to be waiting for the Trump Administration to work some magic to turn around the culture, but churches, families, para-church organizations, conservative media and more must be involved or it will fail.

Article Posted 2/28/2017

Have you ever heard of 'change agents'? Have you ever wondered what God thinks about them? It's easy to find the answer - it's an open book test. You just have to use the right book.

Article Posted 2/25/2017

A new bill in North Carolina – Repeal HB 2/State Nondiscrimination Policies – wouldn't reset rights in the state, it would destroy them.

Article Posted 2/22/2017

I finally figured out why I'm so involved in politics, to the point I drive my wife crazy talking about it all the time.

Article Posted 2/15/2017

God once used Nebuchadnezzar to accomplish His purposes. Perhaps He is using Donald Trump to accomplish His purposes as well.

Article Posted 2/13/2017

Inherit The Wind is the title of a famous movie. It's also a line from Scripture.

Video Posted 02/05/2017

There's a lot of talk in the media – social and otherwise – about President Trump “banning” Muslims from America. He didn't ban Muslims, but I wish he had, and Psalm 144 is the reason why.

Article Posted 2/4/2017

My mother will tell you that nothing she sought after before – riches, fame, success, etc. – could ever compare to the new life she found in Christ. Furthermore, let me say if she hadn't made that decision, I would have never known the grace and goodness of Christ ... and certainly wouldn't be writing about Him for this editorial.

Article Posted 2/2/2017

Gender is not like a suit of clothes that can be put on and then taken off. It’s what we are to the core of our being. It’s the way God made us. The 'Boy' Scouts are trying to defy Him.

Article Posted 1/28/2017

No one who understands anything about history can deny the impact of the Bible and Christianity on Western civilization. Since the Bible stands alone among all other books, doesn't it seem imprudent to easily dismiss its words? Shouldn’t we hear what it has to say?

Article Posted 1/21/2017

Life is precious – sacred at every stage – from conception all the way to the grave. Tom Carr, an educator from Hillsborough, North Carolina gives us a wonderful example of life in action.

Article Posted 1/14/2017

America has been torn apart by racial differences for too long. There is an answer though - The Cross is the ultimate reconciliation: And it’s a beautiful thing.

Article Posted 1/2/2017

When Obama and his top aide, Valeria Jarrett, claim his administration hasn't had a single scandal in eight years, most people shake their heads in stunned disbelief. How can they possibly say such things?

Article Posted 1/2/2017

There is something fearfully wrong about President Obama. He has an affinity for those who despise the children of Abraham, as well as spiritual Israel, the church of Jesus Christ. He's no friend of Judeo-Christian teaching or morality.

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