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And the Answer Is...!

I'm in the process of writing a book entitled "And the Answer Is...!" As I finish the first draft of each chapter (in no particular order) I'll post it below in it's appropriate section. I emphasize this is a first draft. The finished product will obviously be updated and polished. The basic ideas will be the same, but some points may be added or some concepts enhanced.


Plowing The Ground

Chapter 1...

Chapter 2...

Chapter 3...

Chapter 4...

..Children of Evil

..Gimme That Old Time Religion

..The PIN Strategy

..The Media

The Culture War

Chapter 5...

Chapter 6...

Chapter 7...

Chapter 8...

New Chapter 9...

Chapter 10..

Chapter 11..

Chapter 12..



..Race in America

..Hands Off Our Kids

..Money, Money, Money

..Islam Means Submission

..Entertaining for Who?

..We've Always Done It That Way

A Dangerous Servant

Chapter 13..

Chapter 14..

Chapter 15..

Chapter 16..

Chapter 17..

Chapter 18..

..No Pain, No Gain

..Lock and Load

..Range Wars

..The Court of Man's Law

..Taxes: Enough is Enough

..Good Fences Make Good Neighbors