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Trump and Nebuchadnezzar

Published February 15, 2017

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

The “mainstream” AKA mafia media, has openly joined unholy forces with the America-hating Left to destroy President Donald J. Trump before his Presidency is barely a month old. Ginned up controversies over events that took place even before Trump was sworn in, are being used to blowtorch the White House and anyone who dares support him. Petitions are already being circulated calling for his impeachment, violence is escalating, and lawlessness in every area of life is increasing at breakneck speed as the Left pulls out all the stops in their frenzied efforts to destroy the President. The vicious animus and raw hatred aimed at Trump has reached levels that can only be described as demonic.

In the midst of what can only be called “a gathering storm” I'm constantly astonished to hear conservatives and Christians admonishing the Left to give it up and settle down to “normal” life, accepting the situation just like we did when Obama was elected. They're trying to use reason on the unreasonable, trying to persuade the illogical with logic, presenting dry facts to those driven solely by emotion, and trying to have a civilized conversation with barbarians who want nothing more than to destroy them. In short, they want the Left to act like the Right.

grumpy-cat-300x300-aint-happeningWell, here's a news flash. As we say in East Texas, “That ain't happening.” To them this is a war, and like the Terminator of movie fame, they'll never stop until we're dead. Literally, dead.

So where does it end?

That's a good question, one that has been whipsawing me for nearly a year now. Let me explain:

On Wednesday morning, March 30, 2016, I was praying for national revival as I'd been doing almost every day for months, when God suddenly answered, telling me, “It (America) is past the point of no return.” Now, this wasn't an audible voice you hear with your ears, but the “still small voice” spoken of in 1st Kings 19:12,

. . . and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.

It stopped me in my tracks; for several minutes I didn't know how to go on praying. For several minutes I couldn't pray. I'd try and my mind would go blank as if someone had forcibly wiped it clean. I knew even then it was the Holy Spirit, but the answer was so completely opposite of what I wanted to hear that I tried to pretend it was just my imagination. It was very unnerving.

Since then I've gradually gotten used to the idea, but honestly, I still don't like it very much. I'm an American, a Marine veteran, a patriot; I love my country. I want it to grow and prosper. I know our primary country of allegiance is the Kingdom of God, then only secondarily to whatever country we're living in here on earth; in my case, America. Even so, it's still emotionally difficult to accept the idea that America is past the point of no return, past the point of being able to be saved.

Then, election night came along and stories began rolling in how God answered prayers for Trump's victory, how things suddenly changed during the course of the evening, from Hillary looking like a sure thing to Trump coming from behind to surge across the finish line with a commanding lead. Preachers and pastors around the country announced that God had stepped in, during the middle of counting the votes, to swing the tide. It seemed as if a genuine miracle had taken place right before our eyes.

Suddenly there was this palpable sense of relief that God had spared America one more time, reached down from heaven to pull us out of the fire – again. All the doom and gloom of the past 8 years was washed away in a trice, replaced with new hope and promise.

I found myself doubting what I'd heard from God, wondering anew if I'd somehow heard Him wrong, or just imagined it. Was it possible that God was using Trump as His designated tool to save America from itself? God used Nebuchadnezzar, a bloodthirsty pagan, to accomplish His purposes; why couldn't He use Trump too?

I started daring to let myself hope for America's future again.

Well, Satan can be used for God's purposes too. He's has been working feverishly behind the scenes, whipping up anger and hatred toward Donald Trump, of such magnitude and sulfurous ferocity as to beggar the imagination. The Leftists, who claim not to believe in God, are easily influenced by the Father of Lies to such an extent that we're now hearing talk of the violence possibly spilling over in outright Civil War. The divisions between Right and Left, Good and Evil, in this country have reached such heights, have grown from merely a gap into such an unbridgeable chasm that this kind of talk can no longer be easily dismissed.

And if it comes to that, then God's word that America is past the point of no return would be fulfilled.

The Bible makes absolutely no mention of America anywhere in it's pages. Even the occasional allusion to “wings of eagles” makes it clear from the context it's not America being spoken of. This means America has to disappear before, or during, the Rapture.

I used to hope it was during the Rapture, i.e.; that such a huge majority of Americans would be saved that when the Rapture came, the country would essentially be depopulated from so many people disappearing all at once.

I think we can safely say – again – that ain't happening.

So . . . America has to disappear, has to vanish off the face of the earth sometime before the Rapture, and it's starting to become clear how it will happen.

God works through people. He always has. He used Nebuchadnezzar to punish Israel for their sins, and He may be using Donald Trump to trigger the Left into a war to punish America, and destroy it, for our sins.

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