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I Finally Figured It Out

Published February 22, 2017

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

For the last few days I've been sick with this rotten cold that's making the rounds; runny nose that won't quit, sneezing, headaches, watering eyes, hacking, coughing and . . . just in case I wasn't miserable enough, my voice disappeared too. When I tried to talk, I was lucky if I could squeak like a mouse. I stayed home from work Monday, and my wife was gracious enough to tell me it was up to me what I wanted to do Tuesday. I was medicated up to the eyeballs so I supposed I could function – more or less – but my voice still wouldn't cooperate. So I went in just long enough to reschedule all my appointments, then came back home.

Being essentially mute means I couldn't talk to people, whether customers, family, or friends. I couldn't go to church over the weekend, I couldn't spend time with my granddaughters when they came over, heck, my wife wouldn't let them sit in my lap for fear I might give them the cold too. I couldn't even yell at the TV when someone on the news says something stupid, which in this day and age of Trump Derangement Syndrome is pretty much 24-7.

So . . . I had some time to think, mostly about how terrible I felt. But I also thought about the news – about how much I didn't miss it.

Isn't that weird? I mean, I'm probably one of the most political people around. My friends are all involved in politics or discussing/arguing/debating politics in one way or another. Even the Sunday School class I help with at church is based on politics from a biblical angle. Then there's my whole “Preaching Politics” web site thing, so politics is pretty much my, you know, life blood. It runs in my veins.

But it occurred to me, I'm not involved politically because I want to be, or because I enjoy it so much, or because I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't be there, but rather, because they won't leave me alone!

I finally figured it out. These past few days have brought home to me just how much I'm NOT interested in politics except to tell them (you know who they are) to go away and leave me alone. Let me live my life without all the interruptions and nonsense from government busybodies. I've got my wife and kids, my job and grandkids, my church and friends, my family, my home – all the stuff that goes into making up a life given to me by God, and none of it, I repeat, none of it revolves around politics.

As it turns out, my only interest in politics is for them to keep their cotton picking hands OFF my life.

Enough with the never-ending stream of laws and legislation, enough with the endless regulations that would take Scheherazade far more than 1001 nights to recount, let alone explain, enough with all the knit picking interference in the way I live. Enough with all of it.

Leave. Me. Alone.

And that my friends, at the bottom line, is the difference between the Right and the Left, between Good and Evil: we want to be left alone, and they won't leave anyone alone.

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