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Phantom of the Opera Politics

Published March 17, 2017

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

In high school I played a variety of musical instruments; clarinet, saxophone, and bass baritone bugle. 40 years have passed since the last time I picked up any of them, but I recently decided to learn to play piano. I saved my money for several months and finally was able to buy an electronic keyboard. When I started practicing – playing scales and chords – my wife complained I was keeping everyone awake, so I began using the headphones that came with it.

Earlier this week I mentioned to my wife I'd used them so no one could hear me, to which she responded that she could still see me, and I looked like the Phantom of the Opera hunched over my keyboard. We both had a good laugh about it and that was that.

Until later in the day.

donald-trump-phantom-of-operaIt occurred to me that President Trump is something of a Phantom of the Opera in politics. Whatever his legion of enemies think he is, or is doing, or is planning, he always seems to be a step ahead of them, overwhelming them with a flood of executive orders, policies, and initiatives 'till they can't see straight. When they try to attack with fake news innuendos and lies, he promptly exposes them for what they are and turns the tables on them.

The most obvious example of course is the recent turn-about on the wire tapping story the media (so-called) had been using to accuse him of conspiring with Russia to steal the election. Trump turned it around with a single Tweet and forced them to backtrack like crazy, denying the very stories they'd been trumpeting on their front pages just days before.

It's really quite amusing.

Inside that rough exterior beats a red-blooded, American heart. He may not be perfect, but he's genuine . . . and that confuses the Mafia Media to no end. They don't know what to do with people who are genuine, who are sincere. Trump looks tough, with his steely gaze and “You're fired!” attitude, but like the original Phantom who mingled his tears with Christine's, he truly cares – for our country and our people.

We need more like him.

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