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Statement Concerning NCAA Announcement It Will Return to North Carolina for Championship Events

Published April 5, 2017

Christian Action League
Released for publication: April 4, 2017

Basketball-NCAAThe North Carolina Tar Heels have won the NCAA championship. The NCAA now announces it will consider the state of North Carolina again for championship events because of the repeal of HB 2. We should all be happy, right? Wrong!

The NCAA displayed breathtaking hypocrisy concerning the bathroom bill, selectively boycotting the state for policies quite common throughout the nation and where they were holding events. With their assistance, everything now is politicized, even intercollegiate athletics. They’ve arguably violated their non-profit status, and figuratively speaking, held North Carolina politics, as well as its economy, hostage to the point of a gun.

Don’t ask me or the people I represent to breathe a sigh of relief. Instead, I am filled with a righteous indignation. My word to the NCAA is the same as Martin Luther’s to the misguided dupes of his own day, “What pig sites could compare in goings-on with you?...You seem to be a real masterpiece of the devil’s art.”

May God forgive the NCAA for what it’s done to the state of North Carolina.

Dr. Mark Creech
Executive Director
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.
Phone: 919.787.0606

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