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Transgender Madness and Snowflakes: Tampons in University Men’s Rooms

Published April 22, 2017

Georgann-Ryan-615x615 Transgender Madness and Snowflakes: Tampons in University Men’s Rooms
By Georgann Ryan (Internet Pilgrim)

Transgender nonsense has reached new heights, thanks to liberal education and a public unwilling to be criticized for being politically incorrect. Snowflakes, that is, youth who have been so coddled and pampered that they make outrageous demands and view them as rights, lest they suffer emotional damage from having their delicate feelings hurt, now are demanding free ‘menstrual products’ (we all have to be sensitive enough to no longer call them feminine hygiene products) be placed in Men’s restrooms on campus – at no cost to the students, naturally.

A number of universities, including Brown, Cornell and the University of Wisconsin at Madison now are stocking tampons and pads in men’s rooms, either through a student vote or by administrators following the latest politically correct fad. At Cornell, for instance, over 78% of the more than 3,000 students who voted were in favor of the idea, so as to be ‘inclusive’ of transgenders.[1]

Free-tamponsAnd who is paying for this nonsense? Taxpayers, of course, because one of the arguments being made is that it’s economically unjust for students to have to pay for these products themselves. First it was taxpayer-funded abortion, then birth control and now this latest step in the forced transformation of society through sexual means and tax dollars. But personal care products always have been, and should be, a matter of personal responsibility, whether for men or women.

Yet the #freethetampon initiative began as a student movement last September on the Cornell campus shortly after Brown announced its own similar policy. Viet Nguyen, Brown student body president led their initiative. Newsweek noted that, “Nguyen’s campaign highlights an often ignored fact: Not all people who menstruate are women.” Really? Nguyen continued, ““We wanted to set a tone of trans-inclusivity and not forget that they’re an important part of the population. I’d be naïve to say there won’t be push back. I’ve had questions about why we’re implementing this in male bathrooms as well. It’s an initial confusion, but people generally understand when we explain it.”[2]

Maybe he should try explaining it differently then, because I for one don’t understand.

This is just one more instance of pampered students who are out of touch with the demands of the real world which they’re about to enter, because they’ve not only been coddled but taught that it’s their right to have all of their needs met by anyone available, and by any means possible.

As I noted in an earlier article, Money for Nothing - the Dire Straits We’re Now In,

“… [T]he philosophy of taking from the rich has become a mantra for those who have grown up in nations where they they’ve been taught that they’re entitled to a life without discomfort or deprivation... Does this surprise anyone? Having grown up indoctrinated in the concept that government (which to spoiled students and increasing numbers of the population, is that vague entity which exists to guarantee absolute safety, protection from offense and to provide freebies) is meant to pay for all we want but can’t get otherwise, there’s no conception that government programs don’t exist in a vacuum – that someone actually has to work to pay for them.”[3]

The leftist agenda has been allowed to overtake all of society, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the younger generation, who have been trained in government schools. For the last few decades American children have increasingly been taught to reject any system except socialism/communism. As a result, they now demand that government provide everything necessary for life, viewing this as their due in life. But what this creates is a permanent and ever-expanding class of dependents who are at the mercy of that government, and who must conform to the whims of those in power in order to have their needs met, even such basic ones.

Past generations looked to family or to God for their needs, while recognizing that in addition, their own hard work and initiative would be required to meet both needs and wants. But today the young have little knowledge of how to care for themselves. And along with this lack of practical knowledge about what life requires is a protected mindset, so that they are offended or unable to function if they confront anything that runs counter to the carefully-crafted agenda with which they’ve been indoctrinated.

And part of that agenda is the idea that one can choose his or her own gender; but biological reality dictates that it isn’t fluid. Although it seems obvious that we either are born male or female and that despite our desires or illusions, this basic fact doesn’t change just by declaring that we’re something else, this concept no longer is accepted by a majority of the younger generation. That says something about how successful their indoctrination has been and how far along it is.

Think about the answers given by students in the above video. They sound more like something out of the “Twilight Zone” than a recent survey on a college campus, but this is what most of the young have been trained to believe. Their answers are ridiculous, yet they are more concerned about being sensitive to this agenda than dealing with reality.

But just how sensitive is this new policy really? Is it compassionate to promote delusional thought and behavior, which is what gender fluidity amounts to? This new move for inclusion fails on every front, especially if one tries to interject logic into the discussion. And just how inclusive is this in reality? Are they putting machines for prophylactics in women’s rooms? If biology makes no difference and the impetus for this is to keep transgenders from feeling like freak outsiders, why not go all the way? After all, safe sex is another mantra of the left in this progressive wonderland they’re driving society toward.


Finally, how does this fit with all of the hype and furor over allowing men to use women’s restrooms? The battle cry of the LBGTQ fanatics has been one of ‘gender equality’ for those who “identify” as something other than that which is biologically obvious. If this is such a critical issue for the left (despite real concerns such as terrorism, pending nuclear war, etc. which are being ignored in favor of these bogus issues) then why is it necessary to equip men’s rest rooms with these accouterments? Why don’t they just use the women’s rest rooms where there may be a practical reason to have such products? Especially since the number of trans women is small compared to their male counterparts (and the population overall is miniscule) and very few places have adopted the “Target” standard of allowing trans to use any restroom they choose?

Ayn-rand-quote-01Changing what these products are called doesn’t change the nature of them, or of the role biology plays in their use. No matter how sensitive the left finds this, and no matter how indoctrinated the younger generation has become, none of it alters biology. No man can use these products because they physically never will have the need for them – or the appropriate place to use them. In short, men don’t have periods, no matter how they identify. And if trans women really believe they’re men, how do they explain the biological fact that their bodies are confronting them with, that they do have them and need these products? This is progressive insanity, run amok. Don’t we have better things as a society to focus on and to spend our tax dollars on than something this ridiculous?

And what will become of us as a society if this is what the next generation truly believes? This is the end result of a culture that has turned over the education of its young to government-run schools, whose policy is set by elites and then trickles down to compliant educators who are convinced to go along with the agenda being promoted to them by those on the left.

There are many reasons why this is just one more step into the cultural insanity we’re falling prey to, but the main one is that the occult always has had a dedicated program of seeking androgyny, believing that the course to their own godhood is through this perversion of creation. And when the reading of God’s Word and prayer were removed from education, there no longer was logic or doctrine to oppose these ideas and the agenda to transform society which was being fostered. Tampons in men’s rooms are only the latest manifestation of this push to transform our society into one that is open to occult ideas and the delusions of the last days.

Romans 1:22 “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”


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