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Must Do's and Have To's

Published August 29, 2017

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

I was recently reading a small pamphlet or booklet called Valley of Decision, that was written in 1988 by a friend of mine I greatly admire and respect, Dr. Sterling Lacy. Dr. Lacy is a former county judge, minister, and powerful man of God, as well as being the kindest, gentlest man I've ever known. I'm 58 years old, and when I grow up I want to be like him.

But as I was reading his booklet I ran across a sentence that really jumped out at me, not because it was unique – far from it; I've heard this sentence, or ones similar to it hundreds, if not thousands of times over the years – but because it illustrated a personal frustration I've had with the Church as a whole during all my years both before and after I was saved by Jesus Christ.

Dr. Lacy was writing about the scourge of abortion and how Christians should be working to eliminate it. He ended that section on page 32 by saying,

And it will be overturned if enough Christians get involved and make their voices heard. [emphasis added]

Yes, that's right, we have to make our voices heard. We must do it if we're ever to eradicate the heinous practice of murdering babies in the womb. Those words were as true 29 years ago as they are today.

And that's the problem.

It's been 29 years and abortion (along with all the other attendant ills afflicting our land) are still here, still legal, still plaguing us and in fact, proliferating and growing stronger with each passing year. We've prayed and protested and marched, written letters, books, missives and lengthy articles; we've beseeched God in prayer both personal and corporate, we've had national days of prayer, we've fasted and humbled ourselves countless times; we've harangued city councils, mayors, governors, Representatives, Senators and Presidents with endless petitions and passionate phone calls; we've bombarded the media with innumerable letters-to-the-editor, opinion pieces, exposés, short films, documentaries, and movies. We've done all the must do's and have to's until we're blue in the face – and none of it has done a single bit of good.

Our voices have been heard over and over again, then promptly ignored.


May I suggest that the answer – like all answers – can be found in Scripture? In Matthew 19:16 we read about the rich, young ruler who came to Jesus asking, “What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?” Jesus tells him to keep the Commandments, to which he replies that he has, what else must he do? In verse 21 Jesus advises him to sell everything and give it to the poor. The man leaves, dejected, because he's more in love with his money than eternal life.

But notice something interesting; both his question and Jesus' answer revolve around doing, taking outward, physical action. Jesus didn't tell him to make his voice heard, He commanded him to, as it were, put his money where his mouth is; do something, take action.

I believe these verses, and others like them, hold the key to our failure to change whats going on in America; we've yelled and screamed and thrown hissy fits, but we haven't actually done anything. We could surround abortion clinics 10-deep with Christians, blockading all the entrances, letting ourselves be arrested until the jails are jammed packed to capacity and there's no room for any more, then continuing to keep up the barricade until the clinic simply goes out of business for lack of customers.

We could do that. But we haven't.

We've let ourselves be buffaloed into believing the secular notion that “you can't mix politics and religion,” a Leftist trope if there ever was one. We've let the Enemy define the terms of the debate, thus setting ourselves up to lose.

God wants us to pray. He wants to hear from us. But throughout the Bible I've noticed that He always works through people. Don't take my word for it, read it yourself; He always wants someone to step forward and stand in the gap; He wants people who, trusting in Him and His salvation, will faithfully put themselves in harms way, believing He will honor their steadfast faith. David “made his voice heard” to Goliath, and when the giant refused to surrender he marched into battle, put a stone in his sling and took him out with one shot. Jesus “made His voice heard” then backed it up by going to the cross.

God wants us to get out of the pews and into the streets.

All the must do's and have to's in the world won't accomplish anything unless we back them up with concrete action. It's been 29 years since Dr. Lacy wrote his booklet; don't let another 29 go by without doing something.

Remember, God will bless those who stand in the gap, not those who sit in their seats.

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