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HEC(k): Hellfire, Evil, and Communism

Published October 6, 2018

Michael V Wilson
By Michael V. Wilson

What the HEC(k) is going on in America these days?

Have you ever found yourself wondering that? If so, you're in good company. A lot of people are entertaining those same thoughts lately.

Socialism – which many people have begun advocating lately – is the unruly teenager to communism's grim-faced adult. Teenagers act out in wild uncontrollable displays of anger and aggression, blaming everyone and everything for their problems, and demanding to have all their needs and desires met right now! or they'll throw a temper tantrum. They want what they want and they want it now.

Sound familiar?

It ought to; it's what we've been seeing ever since Donald Trump won the Presidency, fair and square, from Crooked Hillary. It's gone into overdrive with the nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with Democrat Chuck Schumer declaring his opposition to Kavanaugh just 23 minutes after Trump announced his nomination.

It's Not About Kavanaugh

With all the emphasis lately on Kavanaugh and the ridiculous accusations against him by a godless pagan, along with the ensuing Nightmare on Elm Street horror show from the Democrats, it's understandable that people have been distracted from noticing the real issue.

You see, I used to be a Leftist for the first 43½ years of my life, until May 1st, 2002, when I found myself lying face down on my living room floor, crying like a baby and asking Jesus to forgive me and be my Lord and my God.

As a former Leftist, I can tell you from personal experience – the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.

Kavanaugh isn't the issue, he's simply a tool – unwitting and unwilling – for them to advance the real issue which is the revolution. Ah yes, but which revolution? What is the revolution trying to accomplish? And what are they “revolutioning”, that is, revolting against?

The Revolution Issue

They're revolting against Almighty God.

Like Satan before them, they've rejected God and His mercy through Christ Jesus, to set themselves up in opposition to Him so they can be their own gods, so they don't have to be accountable to anyone but themselves. Communism declares the State to be all-powerful, therefore an all-powerful God can't be allowed to compete with them. They have to deny His existence. They have to.

You can pretty it up in the flowery language of the Communist Manifesto, the racist chants of Antifa, or the incoherent screams of mindless protesters; you can offer it in measured hypocritical tones from a Senate seat in a committee hearing, sound bites on the 6 o'clock news, or pontifical pronouncements in a New York Times “editorial”, but it all comes down to exactly the same thing – a declaration of war against God.

Abortion, which is the “legalized” murder of innocent babies; perverted homosexual “marriage” which God declares is an abomination; lies and baseless accusations which God has said, “Thou shalt not”, becoming part of our daily political lives; shameless anger and hatred, in contrast to “love thy neighbor” which Jesus taught us – all these are simply signposts, alerting us to the fact that Democrats and their fellow travelers, including most of the Mafia Media, have sold their souls to the devil.

Hellfire For All Eternity

God the Father and God the Son have both declared that the punishment for sin is to be eternally separated from God and burn forever in a place called Hell. And God the Holy Spirit has confirmed it in the writings of the prophets and apostles.

The fact there's a horrible, terrible price to pay is one they ignore or convince themselves won't happen. “God loves everyone so much He would never send them to Hell,” they argue with every evidence of sincerity.

I would argue they're just good actors, putting on a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination.

The simple truth is (oh my, how they hate the truth!) unless they repent of their sins, they're going to suffer and burn in Hell – forever. But repenting is something socialists, and later on, communists just won't do.


Instead of repenting, the socialist or communist Democrats (perhaps more accurately named Demon Worshipers) and their allies ignore all evidence of God's will and try to distract you from it with bread and circuses, wild accusations, and demands for “investigations” of anyone who dares stand against them.

It's a tactic that has succeeded with far too many Christians, who have allowed themselves to be blinded by all the sound and fury so they don't see what's really going on. Even if the Enemy doesn't win on Kavanaugh, they've still advanced their cause.

It's the old “3 steps forward and 2 steps back routine.” If you do the math, 3-2=1. So they've still gained ground even after retreating a couple of steps.

The godless pagans known as socialists, communists, Democrats, and mainstream media are gaining ground in their efforts to destroy America. They want it destroyed because our nation is a bastion of godly people of faith. They want it destroyed because you believe in God.

Past The Point of No Return

They're gaining so much ground that a little over two years ago, God told me that, “America is past the point of no return.

Trump may be God's man in the White House, but if so, he's there to serve as a focal point to bring the war out into the open. Given what we've seen in the Kavanaugh debacle, I'd say it's working. They're not hiding it anymore.

The war is out in the open for everyone to see.

What the HEC(k) is going on in America these days? An all-out war against God.

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