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And The Answer IsÖ!

Today, America is facing an unprecedented number of problems, from 2nd Amendment violations to abortion to homosexual Ďmarriageí to war and everything in-between. There are so many you could write a book about them. So Iíve decided to do exactly that but from an unusual perspective.

You can find literally hundreds of books in the stores and online identifying Americaís problems. Authors far more famous and erudite than I have gone to great lengths identifying and detailing the problems we face, using statistics, studies, research and anecdotal sources I canít begin to match. They have laid out, specifically, in minute detail, exactly what weíre up against and a blow-by-blow history of how it got that way. What theyíve done and presented to us is really quite phenomenal.


They havenít told us the answers to any of those problems, of if they did, it was confined to a few pages at the tail-end of the book. Their answers Ė if any Ė were usually limited and vague to the point of near total obscurity. Itís kind of frustrating. No, check that; itís very frustrating. Sometimes I want to scream, ďGreat! Youíve told us the problem. Now letís fix it!Ē When they donít I want to tear my hair out. Or worse, their solution is an unbiblical mish-mash of pop psychology and/or poll-driven, electoral strategies from Karl Rove and his ilk that fail time and time again.

Hereís a news flash; George Washington and the Founding Fathers didnít take a poll to see if enough people thought they could beat King George. They just did it. Their answer was too simple for the self-appointed elites of our day; they prayed for guidance from God then went out and beat the pants off ole Georgy.

The answers in this book are along the same lines. My wife says Jesus is the answer to our problems. Very true. He is. But how we implement the answer is also important. Thatís whatís been missing so far. Thatís what this book is for. Iím going to list each problem alphabetically in its own chapter, then from Scripture lay out what to do, how to fix it.

Putting these answers into action will require two things from you:

1. Faith in Jesus
2. Courage of your convictions

This book isnít meant to help you with item number one. Iím not an evangelist, Iím a paladin. A paladin is a holy warrior fighting for, or defending, the Kingdom of God. Thatís my part in the Body of Christ. If you read this book and are led to salvation Ė Whoo Hoo! Ė thatís an added bonus and the angels in Heaven will throw a party over you, but thatís not the purpose of this book.

I will try to help you with item number two though. Itís easy to have courage in the comfort and safety of your own home. Itís a little harder to go out and put it all on the line in public where youíll be criticized, humiliated and made fun of. I understand. I tangled with the city council here in town over a road project and was on the receiving end of such treatment, not only from the mayor and councilors, but from the audience behind me as well. I wasnít trying to stop the project; I just wanted a reasonable accommodation to protect our street. But the derision aimed at me for wanting even that much was overwhelming. I walked out of those meetings feeling about one inch tall. I didnít win that time, but I learned not to quit.

So I understand if youíre reluctant to risk standing up. But if we donít stand up now while we still can, there will come a day when we wonít be allowed to stand. We are slowly but surely Ė lately at an increasing speed Ė being turned into slaves. Itís time to take a stand. Itís time to fight back.

Do you think there is a problem, or a zillion problems in America? Youíre right, and the answer isÖ

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