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And The Answer Is…!
Chapter 3 - The PIN Strategy

The world isn’t afraid of Christian anger. They don’t worry what we’ll do if they make us mad. No one trembles if we get upset or offended or insulted or outraged or, or, or, or… They just don’t care.

Why should they?

We haven’t given them any reason to care and every reason in the world not to. If someone kicks us we meekly turn the other cheek without bothering to preach the Gospel in the process. If an unjust law is brought against us we simply submit or limply file a forever-suit, a lawsuit that takes forever to wind its way through the court system, costs more in legal fees than most of us can afford and…maybe…gets settled halfway in our favor – if we’re lucky. We might assemble a few hardy souls to hold a candlelight vigil that accomplishes literally nothing or gather a few more to march in a protest rally which achieves the same thing; neither one of which garners more than a few seconds on the evening news (if that) but delivers far more time to our opponents or those who deride us or both. We pray without expecting a miraculous answer. We make nice with the enemies of God while pretending we’re simply going the extra mile with our personal enemies.

In short, we’re doormats. We walk around like the high school dork with a ‘kick me’ sign pasted on our back. Remember in the first ‘Back To The Future’ movie when Marty McFly went back in time and saw his dad walking down the hall at school? Bingo! That’s us. We practically invite people to make fun of us and put us down.


Yes, yes, I know all about what Jesus said in John 15:18,

If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.

Hatred is fine. We can deal with that, no problem. But apathy and indifference is a horse of a different color. Distain and laugher means they don’t even take us seriously enough to bother hating us. It means we’re not even worth the effort to them. In their eyes we’re not relevant anymore. The speed with which cultural changes are sweeping the country is proof of it. For example, if Christians and our beliefs were relevant to them they wouldn’t dare move so fast and aggressively to enforce their views on homosexual marriage. That’s just one out of many, there are other examples all around us. Lately it seems like everything our government does – and everything the media cheers for – is the complete opposite of our Christian values and beliefs. When we complain about it they don’t even pretend to listen anymore.

Worse, we’ve diluted our voice with denominational differences; Baptists against Methodists, Assembly of God vs Lutherans, Presbyterians fighting Catholics, non-denominational versus denominational; even within denominations there are subdivisions of subdivisions until it becomes a cacophony instead of a chorus. Rather than focusing on our similarities and what brings us together, we focus on our differences and what tears us apart. Everyone is on a different page, singing a different song. No wonder the secular world doesn’t care what we think!

And the answer is…

…Power In Numbers, what I call the PIN Strategy.

It requires a central clearing house; a web site or telephone bank, or more likely a combination of the two. Each Christian who wants to become a member has to promise certain things:

• To join in marches and demonstrations if they are financially or physically able
• To send handwritten letters to public officials
• To make phone calls to public officials
• To send emails to public officials
• To send letters to local newspapers and make calls to radio shows
• To donate money to maintain the clearing house and help with legal expenses
• To VOTE!!!!!!

On the clearing house web site would be a calendar with each week set aside for a different cause or event, available to various groups on a rotating basis. For instance, one week might be designated as abortion week. During that week all the members nationwide would deluge their local city councils, state legislatures, Congress, White House, courts and federal agencies with continual phone calls, emails and letters using short and sweet boilerplate Biblical language posted on the clearing house about abortion, and threatening withholding votes and campaign contributions if the officials don’t vote our way. Even if there were only one million Christians nationwide who participated that would still be enough to overwhelm their offices. Accompanied by letters to the editor of local newspapers and mass call-ins to radio talk shows, especially liberal ones, it would turn into a tsunami. Coordinated marches and protests – everywhere – that same week would be more than even the most liberal news organization could ignore. If they blast us in angry, hate-filled tones it means they’re afraid of us, or more accurately, they’re afraid of God, and frankly they could use a little ‘fear of God’ these days.

So, for a solid week we overwhelm them in every possible venue with protests about abortion. Then the next week we do the same thing about border control, Common Core or whatever. We do it on our schedule, not theirs. Who cares if it’s inconvenient for them? They’re enemies of God. Their convenience, what they want, isn’t important. We overwhelm them and change the ‘narrative’ according to our timing, our wishes and our desires.

The more members who sign up, and follow through on their agreement, the more over-powering the effect will be. The population in America is just over 317 million. Of that number, between 77-83% of Americans are Christians, depending on which poll you read. If we use 75% as our benchmark it would be 237 million Christians. Of that number only about one quarter, 25%, describe themselves as blood-bought, born-again Christians. This is still more than 59 million people. If only half of them take part in the clearing house you have over 29 million active, participating Christians. That works out to a little over 9% of all Americans. Just to give you an idea of how effective that is, only 9% of Americans supported and/or took part in the Revolution against Great Britain and King George in 1776. That 9 percent defeated the greatest army in the world at the time and founded a whole new nation. 9 percent!

Nine percent of Americans today, committed to Christ, willing to suffer for His Name, ready to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, can reclaim an entire nation.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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